Liesl, Parow se Successful Krulkop

Liesl Katzen vannie Parow is the brilliant, young owner of Curl Chemistry. Tired of straightening her hair and with an intense need to embrace her natural curls, she started experimenting with different products and eventually decided to invent and manufacture her own natural hair product range. A Sulphate, Paraben and Silicone free product, made without any mineral oils.

She launched Curl Chemistry in 2016, after one year of testing on herself and family, changing and improving her product all the time. By 2017, the business was growing so fast she had to get more people on board to sell her product in different areas. She now has over 30 agents across South Africa selling her products.

Curl Chemistry’s future

In October this year she introduced a new range of products to the Curl Chemistry community. Liesl has big plans for her brand. She hopes to launch more than just hair products and transform Curl Chemistry into a beauty and lifestyle brand.

Curl Chemistry Butter Cream made with Argan Oil and Papaya Fruit Extract

Liesl says that entrepreneurship can be a very lonely journey, sometimes you must figure everything out on your own, but if you have a passion, an idea, a plan and drive, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. She continues, saying, people will undermine and criticize you but it’s the inspiring comments and messages that keeps you going. “I don’t take the criticism personally and I try my best to make it work” Liesl says.

She is planning on releasing more ranges soon and has been contemplating the need for a YouTube channel speaking about the benefits and struggles of entrepreneurship.

“Just start, take it slow and do it at your own pace”. – Liesl Katzen