When Oprah Met Madiba


Today is a very important and historic day for all South Africans. This is the day that Gatsbys were first invented 🙂 Just Kidding!

As amazing as Gatsbys are, today is more important than any vuil dite could ever be.
It’s been 22 years since we held our first truly democratic elections, which brought an end to the many years of state sanctioned racial oppression. Yes mense, today is Freedom Day!!

South Africans of all races stood for hours in long lines eager to cast their vote. As if we were taking a trip to the beach, us coloureds took a pot of Breyani, cold chicken, cream crackers with cheese and flasks of tea to keep us filled while waiting.

Whether black, white, coloured or Indian; there is one thing that will always come to mind when we think about Freedom Day, and that is, Mr Nelson Mandela. Watch this tear jerker of a video, as Oprah interviews our iconic Madiba.

PS. Somebody please tag Jacob Zuma, so he can watch it too.

image: essence.com
video: youtube/TheKunovic