Sy's Vannie Kuilas en sy Sing Soos 'n Engel


The one thing about Cape Town that many would agree with; is that it is a rather ‘laid-back’ city. This also reflects in our musical love for Jazz, Soul or Blues etc. Don’t forget, we gave the world the likes of Jonathan Butler and Abdullah Ibrahim. So who will follow?

There’s a new sensation worth paying attention to; going by the name ‘Boskasie’. This Cape Town singer/songwriter brings an almost hypnotic effect to the soul music scene. However, listening to her tracks, it’s clear that she can’t be boxed into just one genre, she is as fluid as a tranquil yet steady river.

Thanks to her musical parents, her upbringing was submersed in the sounds of Cape Ghoema and Jazz. So when listening to Boskasie, one tends to drift off into a world of lyrical depth combined with modern and yet somewhat historic melody. This is the reason she has already amassed such a strong following.

The Cape love she has received thus far was expanded further when she moved to Johannesburg. It is from this growing success that she launched a mixtape which would prove to be a timely unveiling of this gifted artist. Whether she’s singing about love, life experience or politics; she does one thing extremely well….which is draw the listener in.

“I would like to imagine my music taking the listener on a journey of discovery, through my kaleidoscopic lens”

– Boskasie

We had the privilege of listening to her latest single recently; and whatever your preferred taste of music is, it is certain that this track is palatable to a wide audience. Entitled ‘Weak In Love’, it stands out as an ode to the struggle between heart and mind in relation to the subject of love. If there is one line in this song that exemplifies the thought provoking nature of her style, it would be “..Weak in my knees, but love will not defeat me, cause loving you ain’t easy..”

With a desire to deliver transparent music that impacts people in positive ways; at ‘Vannie Kaap’ we can already see Boskasie doing just that. So as we would say in Cape Town; Look out world, hie kom onse WP!

Listen to Boskasie’s latest track below:

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