How to Swirl Your Hair


Once you went through the time and money of having your hair done for work or a hot date, the last thing you want is for your kop to be deurmekaar when you wake up the next day. This is where the age-old Coloured tradition of swirling your hair comes in handy. Passed on from generation to generation, swirling has proudly been a right of passage for……………………..ok, ok, we’ll stop talking twak, here’s a ‘Vannie Kaap Approved’ ten step tutorial by the lovely Chanelle Davids.
Swirlkous 101:
1. Get an old pair of stockings (Pantyhose) – a pair you don’t use anymore.
2. Cut it off at the knee.
3. You can tie a knot at the foot part or leave it as is, it’s totally up to you. Now, you’re left with a beanie made out of stockings aka, a Swirlkous!
4. Smooth out your hair by using a comb or brush.
5. Brush your hair in a clockwise direction (as if you are wrapping your hair around your head). Just a little note, though – when hair is too smooth, make sure to hold your hair in that position before putting on the stocking.

6. Take the Swirlkous and put it on your head.
7. Now, swirl the stocking in the direction that the hair is combed and do so 4-5 times. Making sure all the hair is contained under the stocking.
8. Your hair is now covered with the swirlkous! To avoid the risk of the swirlkous falling off whilst you are sleeping, put on a beanie or doekie just to keep it in place.
9. When you wake up the next morning, remove the swirlkous and smooth it out by using a brush or comb.
10. Style according to your preference.
Vannie Kaap Advice:
If the swirlkous came off during the night, call your boss or your date, to let them know you will be late; or stay indoors the whole day.
Before leaving the house, ALWAYS check if the lyntjie on your voorkop has faded away first. If it’s still there after a few hours, try using an anti-wrinkle cream. 

Now you know, so go ahead and share the knowledge.

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