Fresh koesisters delivered to your door

Image Credit: Sasha Davids

Cape Malay food has for generations been woven firmly into the fabric of Cape culture. The Cape Coloured community’s heritage strongly revolves around food. From Breyani to Samoosas, visiting Cape Town becomes a fruitless journey if you do not partake in the pleasures of the local cuisine.
The koesister, which is a doughnut shaped confectionery spiced with cinnamon, aniseed, naartjie peel, ginger and covered in syrup and coconut; is not the same as the plaited koeksister. The recipe, tradition and even the spelling are different. The one will give you temporary diabetes and the other eternal joy. (Yes I’m being totally biased)
In Cape Coloured households, Sunday morning tradition usually involved the family getting together for freshly made koesisters and tea. This long running tradition continues to this day, and now thanks to a new start-up, it is being made even easier.
Dial-a-Koesister is the brain child of Abdurageem Randall, sister-in-law Faieka Salie and cousin Juwayda Daniels. As the name suggests, customers are able to use their phones (Whatsapp) to place an order and koesisters will be delivered to your doorstep.
As it is predominantly a Sunday morning service, orders are to be placed via Whatsapp before 9pm Saturday evening. The current cost is R10 for 3 fresh and warm koesisters, with a delivery fee starting at only R2 per kilometre for orders outside of Wynberg.
Shortly after launching Dial-a-Koesister last year, the Vannie Kaap team were one of the lucky ones to try them out first. The service and taste was as woelag as the idea.
You can contact this amazing family business on: 073 367 1895
My Kaaps Glossary:
Woelag – amazing/awesome