4 Secret Cape Town Locations


Cape Town is filled with public and private spots that most tourists are already familiar with. However, there are a few hidden locations that not even many locals are aware of. These are the type of spots that both locals and tourists would enjoy; and we’ve highlighted four of them. Four more opportunities for you to explore the most beautiful city in the world.

  1. Cape Tunnels
    For many years Cape Town had a vast amount of open waterways where fresh mountain water from Table mountain was transported to the harbour. As Cape Town was growing in size as a city, the need for a different water system arose. Tunnels were created as a better method to redirect mountain water to the sea. Today these tunnels -built in the 1860s- are found under the streets of the City. And through a few small tourism agencies, you are able to take guided tours of this forgotten underground history.

    Image by Cape Peninsula Speleological Society

  2. Chapman’s Peak Look-out Cave

    Most Capetonians have heard of -or visited- Chapman’s Peak Drive. However, not many are aware of the look-out cave from which you will experience some of the most beautiful sunset views in the city. Chapman’s Peak Drive is a stunning 9km route with over 100 curves and twists, all the way from Hout Bay to Noordhoek. Below the well known lookout point on this stretch of road, is a secret hideout where you will have the most life changing picnic you could ever experience.
  3. Paul Brains Photography

  4. Oudekraal Beach
    Oudekraal Beach has to be one of Cape Town’s hidden gems. Even though it’s steeped in history, both cultural and spiritual, this beach is not that well known by locals. The beach is hidden in a cove not too far from the more known beaches like Clifton and Camps Bay. An interesting fact about Oudekraal, is that it was used as a slave refuge just after the 17th century. Many of the slaves were Muslim Imams or leaders who were brought to Cape Town after standing up against slavery in the DEI(Dutch East Indies). Due to their resilience and continuous teachings in this ‘camp’, they actually helped to keep Islam alive in the Cape. Oudekraal Beach also has great braai spots, picnic and swimming areas. The natural beauty is breathtaking, and the big rocks and white sand makes this a great place for wedding shoots too.
  5. Image by Safarinow

  6. Grootwinterhoek Wilderness Area
    If you’re looking for beautiful scenery, wild and rugged landscape, and a great place to hike and camp; then Grootwinterhoek is the ideal secret spot in Cape Town. It still falls within the western cape, however it’s situated about 120 km north of Cape Town. This is in the truest sense, a wilderness experience. What makes it so appealing -despite it’s natural beauty- is the fact that you could literally feel like you are the only one there. You can walk where you wish and camp wild, feeling like you’ve found your own little nature reserve. With nine hiking trails, there is much to see and explore in this little gem.

    Image by @HikeSouthAfrica

Images: Paul Brains, @HikeSouthAfrica, @Safarinow, Cape Speleological Society.