10 Things to do in Cape Town Before You Die


1. Eat a Gatsby – Durban has it’s Bunny Chows and New York has it’s Hot Dogs; but Cape Town’s signature dish is the Gatsby. Imagine a long bread roll, stuffed with slap chips (Fries) and other fillings like polony, steak or even calamari! Recent scientific studies have shown that eating one Gatsby a week is the best way to lose weight and live a long and healthy life. Science doesn’t lie.


2. Go up Table Mountain – This is an obvious one. How can you visit or live in Cape Town and not go up one of the 7 wonders of the world, at least once in your life? The best place to see the most beautiful city in the world, is from the most beautiful mountain in the world.

3. Visit Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens – Now you may think that your grandparent’s front garden is the best thing you’ve ever seen; but unless -like Kirstenbosch Gardens- it’s been voted 2015’s ‘International Garden of the Year’, your grandmother will have to at least take second prize.

4. Take a Tour of the Garden Route  Since we’re already talking about gardens; the one place you must see, is the Garden Route. Be sure to bring a camera and oxygen mask with you; cause the scenery will leave you breathless.

5. Take a trip to Robben Island – If a Capetonian ever suggests that you should take your family on a tour of the world’s most famous prison; please do not take them to Pollsmoor. They mean Robben Island, the former prison that held Nelson Mandela.

6. Visit the Bo Kaap – Even though this may be a residential area now, it’s history is significant to every Cape Coloured. What used to be known as the Malay Quarter, is where some of the roots of the Cape Malay culture can be found. Oh, and the look of the brightly painted homes make beautiful postcards too.


7. Shop at Canal Walk – This is Africa’s third largest shopping centre! Enough said.

8. Visit District Six Museum – Even if you just do it as a sign of respect to the 60 000 who were forcibly removed from their homes, visit District Six Museum and gain a deeper understanding of the rich history about the Cape Coloured people.

Image by James Frankham

9. Ride the Cobra – No, this is not some cool name for a new Cape Flats drug. The Cobra is a 100 km/h roller coaster ride at the world famous Ratanga Junction theme park. If you’re afraid of heights and speed, please bring a second pair of underwear; van jy sal jou broek nat maak.

10. Visit Mzolis, Golden Dish or Wembley Roadhouse – If you’re in search of the best “street” food, or you just want to enjoy the best eating spots of the Cape locals; then these are just a few that you should try out.

Images: James Frankham