The Ruling Party Announces Plans to Use Pit Toilets as Voting Booths to Demonstrate Their Versatility.

Image: Amnesty International

In a surprising turn of events, the governing party has announced that it will be using pit toilets as voting booths in the upcoming 2024 elections. This decision is meant to showcase the versatility of pit toilets and to demonstrate that those who have complained about the government’s inability to eradicate pit toilets in over 3000 schools have not been able to see the bigger picture.

In a statement released by the department of basic education, they stated, “Pit toilets have been unfairly maligned as being unsanitary and unsafe, but in reality, they are multi-functional. By using them as voting booths, we are not only saving money on building traditional voting booths, but we are also promoting the idea of recycling and repurposing.”

The statement reassures voters that the pit toilets will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected prior to use as voting booths. The government has also pledged to allocate any remaining funds it can find from the R500-billion Covid-19 stimulus package towards providing hand sanitisers and masks to voters in order to ensure their safety.

The decision has generated mixed reactions from party members. While some have applauded the government’s innovative use of resources, others are concerned that the cost of cleaning the toilets is an unnecessary expense, as voters may not mind any temporary odours while casting their ballots.

The statement concluded by highlighting the government’s commitment in finding creative solutions to the country’s problems.


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