Electricity Minister Says KORS Sweater Is an Acronym for: Kilowatts Over Rands & Sabotage

Image: @Kgosientsho_R (TWITTER)

The South African minister of electricity, Dr Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, has come under fire for wearing an expensive sweater during a recent news interview on eNCA. The sweater, a KORS brand, is valued at R6000, which is a significant amount of money for many South Africans.

In response to the criticism, Ramokgopa has explained that the sweater is actually an acronym for Kilowatts Over Rands and Sabotage. He says that the acronym is meant to show his dedication to providing electricity to South Africa and not being involved in Eskom corruption and sabotage of power stations.

Ramokgopa’s explanation has been met with mixed reactions. Some people who were paid to comment have found it to be inspiring, while others were offended as the minister did not use megawatts which are technically larger than kilowatts. One social media user commented, “It should’ve been megawatts, which would’ve made it a MORS sweater, cause he’s just morsing our time.”