Government Says Working in the Dark Caused Misspelling on New Banknotes


In a press conference earlier today, the South African Government has responded to criticism surrounding the misspelling of the Xitsonga translation of “Reserve Bank” on the new R100 banknotes.

According to the Reserve Bank spokesperson, the mistake was due to the rolling blackouts that have been plaguing the country for months. They explained that it was difficult to see in the dark and that officials at the Reserve Bank had to spell the word by memory, resulting in the error.

The spokesperson also expressed disappointment in citizens who are unable to appreciate the efforts made by the officials to resist any temptation to steal money during the challenging process.

Despite calls from Xitsonga-speaking communities to revert to the old spelling, the Government has confirmed that the misspelling will remain on the banknotes as a symbol of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity.

In related news, the Reserve Bank announced that they will be providing officials with headlamps and a year’s free subscription to grammarly, to prevent any future spelling errors on banknotes.


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