Eskom seeks assistance from “The Pink Ladies” to help find missing electricity units

Image: Pixabay

In an attempt to quell the growing list of customer complaints surrounding disappearing electricity units, Eskom urgently made an appeal to the “Pink Ladies” organisation for help in finding the units.

The electricity utility has been inundated with angry complaints from the public regarding the rise in electricity tariffs. Customers have been demanding that Eskom address the issue as many have been struggling to figure out where all their purchased units disappeared to.

In a recent statement, Eskom informed the public that it is using everything in its power (pun intended) to find the missing units. After a failed attempt with private investigators and local sangomas, Eskom reached out to the experienced “Pink Ladies” organisation which specialises in finding missing persons in South Africa.

“The situation eskomplicted, but we will not rest until all the missing units have been found. We implore the public to have faith in us. If we could dry all that wet coal, then believe you me, we can find the missing units”, remarked the CEO of Eskom.



*The above article is obviously not true, but satire. If you can’t tell the difference, please contact your school teachers and demand a refund.