Wine Is Cheaper Than Therapy


25 And Uitgepit.

It’s always ’n snaakse ding to bring up, especially coming out of a six-month lockdown. “You’re too young to be tired.” or “But you’ve just had half a year’s rest!” Ugh, asseblief tog. Ek wil nie dit hoor nie. This kind of burnout sneaks up on you without you even realising it. It keeps you up at night and stops you from being able to do all the lekke things you used to enjoy. Now, not even koesisters hit the spot. Dis nou ’n regte probleem.

You don’t need a KitKat, you just need a flippin’ dop.

I’ve been guilty of working myself into a stupor, forgetting that there is a world beyond my laptop screen. Neglecting family, friends, relationships and myself. For me, I know that it usually takes about 18 months of non-stop work before I start feeling the effects: ek’s kort af met my man (to be fair, he leaves the hairdryer on the floor after he’s used it. Is alles oraait?), I stop exercising and ek’s net altyd kak moeg.

The Essentials

In elk geval, over the last couple of days I put a list together of things to keep you verstandig. Hier gaan ons . . .

  1. Bath With 4 Cousins.

Nee, man! Jy weet mos wat ek bedoel, ek hoop. A relaxing bath in wine, I mean, with wine will always serve you well and ensure you get a solid night’s slaap.

  1. Take Your Morning Meds.

No, I don’t mean Turbovite.




  1. Eat Your Porridge.

Whether your taanie makes you a full spread in the mornings (gelukkige jy!) or you chow your cold Weet-Bix brick with regret – just never skip breakfast. Our Ma’s were right about this one.

  1. Or Just Loop.

Get your gat outside and take a romantic stroll with your stukkie. You will thank me for this one later, outjie.

  1. Go To The Jol!

As long as it’s only with 50 of your closest friends and jy’s tuis before midnight, masekin.

And if you take anything from this article, let it be that dooswyn has a handle for your convenience.

*These are the opinions of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of Vannie Kaap News.

Howzit Ma and anybody else who might see this. Just a young chick living in Jozi, observing all the vreemde things happening not only in Cape Town but all over the damn show. Sometimes I write lekke things for you to lees. I am, let me tell you, VERY excited about this. Kwai. Send my love to Stephan and Lulu.