Where There is Smoke, There’s a Fire


Where there is smoke, a fire burns. And the fire I am about to speak on is howling and has set the mountain alight. 

Since their alleged sordid history of sexual-abuse on innocent women and girls was first reported, the prominent, and now notorious twin brothers from Bo-Kaap have been dragged through the mud. 

There have been reports of an official police case and that an investigation will be conducted, but counter reports indicate that this is not true. Time will tell.

“Wild, unsubstantiated and untrue”

A letter from a lawyer representing one of the brothers was sent to various media houses stating that the allegations were “wild, unsubstantiated and untrue”. 

He refuted being guilty of any wrong-doing. The irony, however, is that this very letter is what urged other survivors to come forward and tell their story. The shocking revelations and survivor statements have wrecked the community of Bo-Kaap. Their shock has led them into action. Showing unwavering support, strong condemnation and unacceptance of any form of abuse, the Bo-Kaap community took to the streets in solidarity with the woman behind the camera lens.

“Tell your story. Shout it. Write it. Whisper it if you have to. But tell it…..” LR Knost 

One of the survivors, who have now come forward, is a 37-year-old family member. She said that when she read the letter she “wanted to scream. How can he say that and lie because I know what he did and I know it was not just me.” 

She talked of being in their family home afraid to be caught alone with him, the inappropriate touching and rubbing. She remembered that he once told her that the reason he did those things to her was because she was very insecure as a child and she needed help. 

I struggle to find the words to articulate the deep deep horror and outrage that bellows inside me when I read this. He wanted her to believe that he was helping her.

I think of the wives and daughters of these alleged sexual predators. Have they inherited the generational curse of having to grow up before these men and endure them, out of fear of what would happen if they were to tell someone of the abuse they have suffered??? 

I see these survivors in my mind’s eye. I see their faces, although I do not know them, I think they look like me. As the mountain burns, I hope that from the ashes, it will give rise to a new landscape where women are safe and supported and no longer shackled by secrets that were never theirs to keep. 


*These are the opinions of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of Vannie Kaap News.


  1. I’m behind anyone who is a victim of such abuse. As a Capetonian Male, I’m embarrassed that our sisters and queens need to live scared amongst their own. Down with Woman and Child abuse.

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