What Affirmations Did For Me


Last week I wrote about affirmations and how they help you grow mentally and emotionally. From personal experience, I can attest that affirmations have helped me to be more brave, daring and fearless.

Realising My Vulnerability

Quite recently, in fact, I posted a video of myself where I was just jolling it yt on Instagram (@eimi.dala). What made this a victory for me was the fact that it took me almost the entire year to upload the video. For months I contemplated because I thought “what would people say or think?”

Then I began criticising my body because I convinced myself that dancers are very toned and I simply did not fall in that category. I also constantly sought validation from my partner, hoping he would tell me that it’s okay, and even when he did, I was still at an impasse.

I began watching all the videos I edited of myself and realised that I liked it. The videos made me happy watching myself just jolling it yt. The dancing to me was (and still is) an escape into a world of my own, my meditation, my release of anger and a place where I found joy.

I realised that I was the one who obscured my own intentions for uploading videos. Fabricating stories in my head that made me doubt myself. The reason I did that is that dancing was a confidence I kept for myself and I realised by making it public, it made me vulnerable. I realised that this was a vulnerability that kept me in doubt and insecure.

Affirming my Confidence

The affirmations came to me as I continuously watched myself dancing, I’d think “this is nogal kwai”, “I don’t care what people will say” and “damn I’m good”. With every repetition of the affirmations, I was finally mentally and emotionally assured that I didn’t fear anything.

When I made that first post on Instagram, I felt as though I achieved something great. I couldn’t contain my excitement because I was finally brave enough to be vulnerable.

I developed a type of confidence within myself where I knew that anybody else’s words could not affect me because the words that I was using for myself were more powerful than those of anyone else.

I realised that what makes affirmations so powerful is that you constantly need to feed your mind with good words.

Affirmations are to the brain what healthy food is to the body and, much like exercising, you constantly need to be keeping good words active in your brain.

You are in control of rewiring the thoughts in your head because we all know that thoughts can be both powerful and destructive, which will you choose?

I am a chilled and sassy girl vannie Elsies, with an ENFP-A personality type, a mother of 2 and a linguistic doctoral student. My purpose is to live a fulfilling life and produce excellent writing work while I’m at it.


    • Thank you Cayo, writing this was exciting for me. I overcame a mental hurdle and it feels amazing:-)

  1. I swear by affirmations, helped me recover from a relationship with a narcissist as well as dealing with anxiety.

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