Those Essentials for Working From Home


With this new normal being imposed on us by the Coronavirus pandemic, those of us who can work from home, might as well get comfortable and get the right home office essentials.

For many, it’s a completely new experience to work remotely from home, and also a major adjustment. Some have not had time to prepare so your living space has turned into your workspace for the foreseeable future.

Here are the most identified essential items for working remotely, with the aim of making the experience less stressful and more productive.

A good laptop

With so many choices when it comes to laptops, it’s important to choose one that delivers powerful, smooth processing and is light enough to be carried around easily.

Go wireless

Working in a cluttered environment isn’t the best, so get rid of the cords and cables. 

A wireless mouse and keyboard play a crucial role in improving productivity and comfort. Invest in a wireless mouse and keyboard – you will never go back to using cables again.

Organise your computer storage with an external hard drive – it will free up space on your computer and it’s portable.

If you need to update your software at home, Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student for Windows is designed to help you create and organise more efficiently with time-saving features, plus, you can save all your documents on Onedrive and access them from anywhere.

Office Printer

Having your own home printer has a lot of perks, and in the long run saves you money and time. 

Home printing isn’t only limited to documents, you can also print calendars, images, stationary, stickers, and a whole lot of other things.

A Wi-Fi 4-in-one colour printer with print, copy, scan and fax functions is definitely an office essential!

A better connection

Let’s face it, better WiFi connection is very important especially when working from home. 

A wireless 4G LTE router allows you to take full advantage of the 4G LTE network, achieving download speeds of up to 150Mbps, the 300Mbps Wi-Fi connections that you need for online gaming, HD streaming video and ultra-fast downloads.

Remember posture 

To minimize the damage from sitting for hours, set up your home workspace in a way that your back and neck are straight and your arms are parallel to the floor. Try to avoid slouching or keeping your arms at odd angles, this may seem comfortable but in the long run you’ll feel the discomfort. 

Choose a desk that is ergonomically (functionally) designed for your home office. An adjustable laptop table stand can rotate 360 degrees and also locks in places at various angles. Perfect for avoiding neck and back pain. You simply adjust the table to your height, it’s perfect when using more than one monitor or computer.

The original article was first published on IOL on 26 May 2020.