One Big Love Letter to the District Six Museum


Two weeks, many black book contacts, countless favours, and great partnerships; that’s what it took to send the biggest love letter to the District Six Museum.

My favourite story about the District Six Museum is that the residents renamed their eviction letters and called it Love Letters. In turn, the museum decided to call the donations they so desperately need, Love Letters.

Vannie Kaap in collaboration with 44 on Long brought together Capetonians all over the world in unison on 24 September with one goal: To preserve the heritage of those who are because of District Six.

The ‘Save the District Six Museum Benefit Concert’ was a display of the diverse talent Cape Town has to offer. It was a beautiful storybook written by people who have seen the District with their own eyes and those who have seen it only through the memories of others.

And that’s what the museum is, it is a living 4D storybook that visitors can flip through while it is narrated by the likes of Uncle Noor and Aunty Sandra who were both evicted from the District during this fateful years.

My favorite part of the concert you ask? The Malay choir singing Rosa – a song traditionally sung when the bride arrives at her wedding…or wait, no, it was Loukmaan Adams and the Culture Shock band, that banjo was a blast from the past! Goodness no, it had to have been Ready D and those 90s numbers that took me way back to the days I listened to the radio in secret because ‘is duiwels musiek’…or was it seeing Kashifah all dressed up as Jawaahier Petersen?

Like at the museum, everyone involved in the concert worked and gave of themselves selflessly. The artists and the production team magically brought the vibrance of District Six back to life with exactly the same thing that made the District special back then…music!

You can still watch the concert by purchasing your tickets on Quicket.

Remember ALL proceeds go directly to the District Six Museum.