Let’s start with the background.

On Saturday morning I woke up to frustrating posts on the natural hair group I follow. Clicks SA had placed an advert for TRESemmè hair products on the Clicks online site. The advert depicted naturally afro hair as dry, damaged, dull and frizzy…next to a picture of a blonde lady captioned: normal hair.

The above, ladies and gentlemen, is a sure-fire recipe for disaster in today’s world.

Now, more than ever before, Black people of all cultures, including Coloured culture, are standing up loud and proud about who we are, what we add to society and why we should respect each other and be respected by others. This is not the time to be making ridiculous marketing faux pas.

Yes, I said ridiculous because you would have to be living under a rock and be seriously out of touch with the world to have missed why that ad is not now and will never again be accepted.

Marketers need to expertly “Read the Room” 

To be an exceptional marketer you have to live with your ears on the ground and have some sort of dipstick into what’s happening in the world. I’m talking current affairs not the latest TikTok challenge or the low down on some new Influencer.

I’d like to quote author and self-proclaimed professional trouble maker, Luvvie Ajayi. Addressing Jennifer Lopez when she tweeted about her and hubby Alex not winning the bid to buy some American baseball team the day the world heard about Chadwick Boseman’s death, Luvvie simply said: “Ma’am. Read the Room.”

Dear Clicks, your Marketing team was negligent and perhaps a more acceptable solution here would be to give TRESemmè less shelf space, both online and instore, help us direct our coin to more deserving natural hair care brands. This is putting your money where your mouth is, it would mean more than tweeted apologies.

*These are the opinions of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the views of Vannie Kaap News.


  1. Jinne Clicks, must I show you how shiny and smooth my hair look just as it is – you failed us man! you still have a preference and me and my people must still live in the shadows of what you purport beauty to be. I refuse !

  2. Tresseme is so overrated. It does nothing for my frizzy white hair. Shame on you. I will never buy it and I think you can just discontinue that shampoo.

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