Capetonians Through The (Jozi) Looking Glass

Picture - Unsplash - Evan Dvorkin

Cape Town, Is Alles Oraait Byrie Hys?

Craft Beer Vir Wie? 

No tremors here in Jozi, but we felt the weight of all your collective Instagram posts about rebuilding after this disaster. From outside the Cape bubble, it seems that all the proper juicy things happen to you! Here on the dry side of the sea, we still drink Black Label quarts and consider 4 Cousins immediate family.

When I’ve had a particularly long day of reminiscing on my pre-lockdown body, I enjoy nothing more than lying in a hot bath (do you remember those, Kaapstad?) and scrolling through all my old high school friends’ social media accounts, specifically those whose parents sold one of their kidneys to send them to Stellies to…uh, study the bottom of a wine bottle or something to that effect.

I actually have absolutely no clue what any of them are studying. Whatever it is, it seems to require a pair of Birkenstocks and a hell of a lot of craft beer.

Natural Disasters & Koesisters

Maar in elk geval, hopefully that little earthquake of yours knocked some sense into the Sea Point joggers so that we can stay in level 1 and I can carry on enjoying my doos wyn and koesisters at the braai, with only 250 of my closest friends…Obviaas!

But, nou het julle wind wat reguit van die duiwel gestuur is! Because Cape Town always has to be extra! Jo’burg is still reeling from the great snowfall of 2012 and there Cape Town is, surviving natural disasters and global pandemics.

Of course, all this comes from a place of sincerity and the utmost jealousy. I wake up early just to stare vacantly out at the Vodacom tower (well, the outline at least. The smog is pretty dik over here, my tjom) while you wake up early to hike up Lions Head for a quick photo shoot. Lekke!

Maar In Die Einde

I imagine that, between your 2-minute Government-mandated showers and long strolls through UCT, that you’re checking whether the tectonic plates have shifted enough for the Western Cape to be considered a republic!

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Howzit Ma and anybody else who might see this. Just a young chick living in Jozi, observing all the vreemde things happening not only in Cape Town but all over the damn show. Sometimes I write lekke things for you to lees. I am, let me tell you, VERY excited about this. Kwai. Send my love to Stephan and Lulu.


    • Amy, dankie dankie! Ja, jy sien! Kaapstad always having to one up the rest of us! 😀 <3

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