8 Things to Know Before Travelling to Namibia


It’s almost that time of the year, everyone is going on holiday soon and we all need it, 2020 has been too much! International travel isn’t open yet, however, here’s to hoping it will be open for festive.

I know travelling is always a mission and I guess for first-time visitors, travelling to Namibia is no different. So I’ve decided to do my bit and let you in on a few tips and some useful info I use myself when I travel home to Namibia.

Flying Is Good but Driving Isn’t Bad Either

No one can dispute the convenience of flying but a road trip can be good for the soul too and driving with your own car could save you more in the end since fuel is a little cheaper in Namibia compared to South Africa and if you have your own car there you don’t need to worry about a rental.

The Rand Is Good in Namibia

If you’re travelling from South Africa you don’t have to change the currency of your money, yes that’s right, Namibia accepts the South African Rand.

Plan Ahead If You’re Driving

Plan your trip out to the very last detail, know where your stops will be and for how long, having a set schedule also helps you reach your destination in one piece and make sure you have great music.

If you do decide to fly make sure you book your car well in advance and opt for the option of getting it at the airport. If you have a SADC license you will be more than okay to drive in Namibia. However, make sure you have informed your medical aid and insurer about your travels just in case.

Wildlife Adventure or Nah? 

Decide if you want a wildlife adventure or a little bit of both. Namibia has lots of leisure experiences without the animals but it has great wildlife parks giving you the best of both worlds.

Book Well in Advance

If you aren’t staying with family or friends then make sure you book your accommodation in advance. Trust me, “book nou, annes is alles soema vol.” Getting yourself a travel agent will help.

Pack for the Weather

When deciding which parts of Namibia you would like to visit make sure to pack for that climate. For example, if you are going to Swakopmund, make sure you pack both warm and cold because it can get chilly at night even though the days can be beautiful and sunny.

Also, decide what time of the year you wanna go, the busiest time is always around the Christmas holiday, there are events all over and the most popular towns are the ones along the coast. The City centre becomes a ghost town, so if that’s your vibe the capital would be awesome.

Make sure you have sunscreen, the sunsets may look beautiful but the sun will burn you as it gets extremely warm in Namibia especially during the summer.

Start Early and Stay Hydrated

Drink enough fluids and do high impact activities very early in the day before the sun greets the sky. Please stay hydrated and don’t decide to go dune climbing in the blazing sun.

If you leave for the next town make sure you leave early, you will get the most amazing sunrise with cool air for a great drive. It also minimises the chances of a tyre burst, which happens often because of how hot the roads get.

Make Sure You Have a Spare Wheel and Know How to Change a Tyre

Make sure your spare wheel is in great shape and that you can actually change a tyre. There are a lot of wild animals that love crossing the road just as you hit your ultimate cruise speed, so one quick swerve could have you ending up with a flat tyre.

Okay, maybe not all the time but just make sure that your car is in tip-top shape, as towns are quick far apart.

Here Is a List of Places That Are a Must-See:

  • Etosha National Park
  • Sossusvlei
  • Skeleton Coast
  • Swakopmund

Have fun, be kind, and just embrace the Namibian air and culture.