4 Things All Coloured People Can Reminisce About


There is no doubt that Coloured people are a non-homogenous group, we have such a rich, diverse history, one really needs to dedicate an enormous amount of time to get through it all and piece it together.

That being said, there are 4 things all Coloured people can reminisce or tell stories about…if not all 4 then at least one or two.

The 21st Key 

Yes, you know it! You got the keys to the world at your coming of age 21st birthday party. It doesn’t matter if it was a yard party or a glamorous affair, YOU CAN BET THAT KEY MADE IT IN!

Whether it was low key or a blingy gold plated move, all our parents made sure we got the keys to “unlock the right doors in life”.

The Brasso

For me, this is a representation of hard work. The brasso ornaments in our house always made me think of Mr Miagi and how he taught kung fu…wax on wax off.

Wiping those brasso ornaments until my mother could see her reflection in it was my job at Christmas time, in between the painting and so on.

The Doily 

Oh how I despised the doily. It was a day to celebrate when my mother decided we need to get rid of those things. If you didn’t have it in your house, I can bet your grandma did! Those crotched lappies we got when we gave old clothes to the aunties walking from one house to the other.

My mother even bought them at beach flea markets like she levelled up! En bewaar jou siel assit skief hang! Djy bieterit vinnag reg trek annes is sy op jou case…wow the days, not good not bad, just…the days.

The Teardrop or Sleepers

I had so much envy for everyone whose parents spent money on buying them 9ct gold teardrop earrings or the round ones we called sleepers. Gosh, it was like a status symbol back in my day. I believed in my heart of hearts that everyone wearing those were filthy rich and would probably run for Miss SA some day…kaanti, dit was maa R99 by GAME!

I never got to have it though because one, I had no holes in my ears, and two, my parents would NEVER spend money on jewellery.

This list can go on and remembering the things that shaped us can be refreshing to the soul every now and then. I’m sure some of these are relatable to more than just Coloured people, let us know in the comments!


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