Zuma Says He's Not Afraid of Prison


Cape Town – Following the release of the State Capture Report, most South Africans were already celebrating what seems to be the final demise of President Jacob Zuma’s leadership.

However, on Saturday at his first public appearance since the plethora of corruption revelations; Zuma defiantly addressed hundreds of ANC supporters, by accusing the opposition of trying to scare the ANC.

In his Kwazulu Natal speech, the President stated: “I have spent a lot of time in jail. I am not scared of jail, I have been there,” referring to his 10 year incarceration at Robben Island.

He further went on to say: “We are not going to be intimidated.”

The report released on Wednesday by the public protector has once again prompted the opposition -and stalwarts within the ANC- to urge the president to step down. This was taken further when the scheduling of a no-confidence vote was proposed for November 10 in Parliament.

Over the past 7 years Zuma has already survived many scandals and a few no-confidence votes too. But the decline in ANC support has been evident and the Guptas influence over government has been seen as a step too far, even by Zuma’s staunchest allies.

VK ADMIN COMMENT: Can someone please tell Zuma that Pollsmoor or any other state mang is not the same as Robben Island. We have received a letter from an inmate who would like to welcome Zuma with open arms.