Woman’s Burnt Body Found in Benoni

Picture: @SAPoliceService, Facebook

According to reports, the Gauteng police have discovered the burnt body of a woman at Mayfield in Benoni on Johannesburg’s East Rand.

The woman, whose face and chest have been burnt beyond recognition, was discovered on Friday morning. 

Police spokesperson Raider Ubisi reportedly said that preliminary investigations show the woman was murdered at a different location. “There was no ash or fire next to her body, which indicates that she was murdered and burnt somewhere else and brought to be dumped where she was found in small street Mayfield Extension 1.”

The victim is estimated to be around 25 or 30 years old and was reportedly wearing a pink top with a black Adidas pant. 

The Putfontein police are appealing to all members of the community to come forward with any information connected to the murder.