Woman Killed and Another Injured by Gunman in Ogies near Witbank

Image: Facebook @SAPoliceService

According to a SAPS report, a gunman killed one of two women after they were shot in Witbank and Ogies respectively on Friday 3 April. 

The report states that the incident started when an argument broke out between two men aged 35 and 41, at a Mine Site in Phola, Ogies near Witbank. 

The heated argument continued when the 41-year-old drew a firearm and tried to shoot at the 35-year-old. The man reportedly moved to where the woman was working and fired several shots, injuring her.

The victim was rushed to a hospital for medical assistance. The man allegedly drove to Hlalanikahle at Vosman where he fatally shot the victim’s mother and Paramedics declared her dead at the scene.

Members of the community notified police about the incident and a manhunt was launched. The man’s vehicle was spotted and a high-speed chase ensued. 

When the suspect realised that he was cornered, he allegedly turned the gun on himself and his car crashed, he was declared dead at the scene.

A preliminary investigation has reportedly since revealed that the firearm used during the incidents was illegal and its serial number was allegedly filed off.