Woman Caught in Sinkhole at Hout Bay Beach

A woman has reportedly been caught in a sinkhole while walking her dog at Hout Bay beach on Tuesday.

IOL reports that Deep Blue Security’s Rita Osborne said the incident happened around 8:30 am. The woman reportedly sank shoulder-deep into the sand and screamed for help from people on the beach who unfortunately did not hear her. She did, however, manage to escape unharmed and reported the incident at Deep Blue.

According to the Citizen, ward councilor Roberto Quintas said: “The sinkhole is believed to be caused by unseasonal summer rains over the weekend falling on very loose dry sand, matched with higher than usual tidal movements resulting in a waterlogged area in the vicinity of the old river mouth.”

News24 reports that flags, reeds, and netting have been placed in the area to warn beachgoers of the conditions. Beachgoers are urged to stay close to the waterline, where the sand is “firmer and more compact.”