Welkom Mayor Suspended for Racist Remarks Towards Coloureds

Picture: Twitter, @ANCFS

According to reports, Free State municipality mayor of Matjhabeng in Welkom, Nkosinjani Speelman, has been suspended following racist remarks he made towards the Coloured community of Bronville.

Speelman allegedly referred to Coloured community members of Bronville in Welkom as “boesmans” who should be subjected to “skop and donner.”

He had reportedly issued his first apology earlier in the week, saying his remarks were a “slip of the tongue”.

Speelman had allegedly been recorded making the remarks to soldiers deployed for the lockdown. According to reports, he accused the Coloured community of Bronville of being drunkards and loitering the streets in violation of lockdown rules.

Subsequently, the ANC in the Free State has placed him on leave and summoned him to explain himself to the party. 

On Wednesday he issued another apology to the Coloured community of Bronville and said his remarks were uncalled for.

“I apologise unconditionally to the Coloured community of Bronville and the whole Coloured community of South Africa. This apology is also humbly presented to our whole South African nation with specific reference to all our national groups, and specifically to my political party, and beloved liberation movement, the ANC.”

Speelman continued, saying, “I am deeply embarrassed for the shame and harm that my utterly unacceptable remarks have caused. Those deplorable utterances in no way whatsoever reflect the non-racial struggle for a just and inclusive South Africa that we as members of the ANC so proudly fought for,”

“It is my ardent wish to do everything possible, and expected from me, to address, and correct, the terrible mistake that I have made,” he said. 


  1. He said what he wanted and more than once. What come out of the mouth is what lays on the heart ,and I’m proudly coloured stop classifying coloureds as black cos I’m nt and if I listen to political parties their only speak abt blacks and whites I’m neight of those ,I’m COLOURED

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