WATCH: 50 000 Italian restaurants open their doors in lockdown protest

Picture: @GearyThorne, Twitter

Restaurants and bars in Italy organised a lockdown protest this weekend by opening their doors to customers, who were seen merrily drinking, eating and singing, with some even dancing on tables.

In one video, which has gone viral, people can even be seen booting the police from an establishment.

The Local, an Italian publication, reported that Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte recently extended the country’s three-tier coronavirus restrictions with a nationwide 22:00 to 05:00 curfew until March.

Travel between Italy’s 20 regions has also been curbed until February 15 as part of measures which had originally been implemented in November to expire on Friday last week, states the publication. explain that regions classified as Orange or Red, bars and restaurants are limited to provide take-away only.

However, in the past few days social media has been flooded with frustrated bar owners and restaurateurs using the hashtag #IoApro / #IOpen. These owners have opened their doors since Friday in protest.

There are numerous videos of busy restaurants filled with patrons, as the protest is supported by the masses.

Another video shows police being pushed out the door of an establishment as customers chant in protest.

According to reports in, nine patrons at a restaurant in Florence have been fined and the owner was forced to shut for a week.

Walter Ricciardi, an advisor to Italy’s health minster, told Bloomberg that they will need to return to stricter lockdown measures. This call has received opposition from Prime Minister Conte and other cabinet members.


  1. Typical Italians! Understandably ALL eating establishments globally have had to adhere to stricter guidelines, especially in Wave 2&3!

    This is unprecedented for all humanity, so a bit selfish for them to want to get back to ‘normal’, whilst poorer countries might never recover! So yes, selfish!

    Lastly, which police force allows themselves to be pushed out? When people can die from getting the virus? No, just no…

    • No country in the world will ever recover if we continue with these bullshit restrictions. Take a look at the death rate in 2020 compared to previous years. There is no significant increase in deaths.
      Of current active cases, 99,6% of covid infections are mild. For these other 0,4% , the rest 99,6% cannot live their normal lives. Who is selfish you say?

      • I could not agree more with you there are 800,000 people that take there own lives every year not mention cancer, old age ,heart attacks, the list goes on. The numbers don’t add up it a scam

  2. Get back to hopping over your fence of fear don and let the rest of us live our lives if yoire scared stay home but we the people need our countries back and our sovereign rights good for gou Italy

    • Yes, exactly if it’s OK for someone to give up their paycheck so scared people like Don can have the peace to go out then, itsvok if Don stays home in his corner with no pay.

  3. See what a great example of what the common citizens can do against tyranny!!👊🏻
    And people if you don’t want to eat out…. if you are afraid … easy STAY HOME. But let the world go on!!!

  4. The police are representing the people no ? Isn’t that the way it should be??
    If people want to eat, what happened to democracy ? This entire lockdown is a joke.

  5. “Typical Italians” says the completely pussified Don B! You ignorant, pathetic racist. Whatever nationality “beukes” is I’m sure the Italian females of the world can collect money for a pair of balls to replace the raisins on his colon. Stay home you freak as the “Italians” will NEVER live in fear. We Italians at least had the good sense to hang Mussolini by his feet – you might remember that jackass!

    • Hell yeah. Dudes like Don are weak and afraid and we can’t let the world go to shit because guys like him are scared. Brave men and women made the world what it is today, so to lose it to make the meek feel safer is unacceptable.

  6. Guess they are not interested in being killed by poison injections for a made up Pandemic by a bunch that control media and governments + the same group all counties are in dept too. We have been warned that Conspiracies are being formed for decades starting with JFKs infamous speech were he uses the word conspiracy … so as the evil does, and these people are pure evil, turned conspiracy into a THEORY and google is the main culprit of evil. Who are you people !!! … check FACTS not THEORIES, the UN site for total deaths in 2020 vs 2019, they have barely changed in the the whole world. NOTHING ELSE TO SAY but don”t let it happen, as we are in charge and not them!!!!

  7. The W.H.O. criminals have introduced emergency Covid19 ICU codes so that the numbers can be inflated so their scare campaign counts people who die from complications to be C-19 deaths without proof. READ Code U07.2 and there you have it – help make this viral.
    The media are silent. Vaccines mean billions – Ivermectin costs $2 a pill & its freely supplied in Bangladesh India Africa and Peru (hint! they don’t have billions).

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