Violent Protests Break Out Across Italy Against Stricter Covid-19 Restrictions

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Violent protests have broken out across Italy in resistance to the stricter Covid-19 spread prevention measures announced by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Monday. 

Some of the restrictions include the earlier closure of restaurants and bars. Theatres, gyms, swimming pools and clubs are to close completely. High schools were instructed to use e-learning and curfews were imposed in some areas.

Larger cities like Milan and Turin have seen the most violent protests with stones, petrol bombs and fireworks reportedly being thrown outside of the regional government offices in Milan. In Turin, many shop windows were broken and stock looted. Italian police reportedly used teargas to disperse protestors.

Many protestors included small business owners, bar owners and taxi drivers who were struggling to recover financially from the strict lockdown earlier this year and feared that the new restrictions may run them into bankruptcy.

The Prime Minister is expected to announce a funding package to bring relief to those who are affected by the new restrictions.