Vannie Kaap Retail Closes Its Cape Gate and V&A Waterfront Stores


Vannie Kaap Retail says it will not reopen its Cape Gate and Waterfront stores, however, Director of Operations, Marc Jacobs, did not comment on whether the Canal Walk store would be reopening.

Many SMMEs have had to face the tough reality of closing their doors due to the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic and the inevitable lockdown that came with it. Vannie Kaap Retail says they are no different. The brand had to lay off half of its retail staff members, making the decision to close store doors, that much harder. The self-funded brand had to date still not received April or May UIF payouts promised by the Government or any support from all the SMME relief grants applied for.

The Vannie Kaap online store which was established in 2016, will continue to operate from its production unit in Woodstock.

While the future of the brand’s retail side may be re-imagined, Vannie Kaap Pty Ltd has grown into a corporation that goes beyond retail. The brand launched its own digital media division called VK Xpressions, which operates similarly to a digital advertising agency. Vannie Kaap has also been growing in its News Division, under the VK NEWS banner.

Operations director Marc Jacobs says “Vannie Kaap has grown significantly -and against all odds- since the launch of the online store in 2016. The brand was built on creativity and authenticity, and that trait has helped us tremendously when faced with challenges. VK Xpressions has done well since its start in October 2019 and our online store will continue to thrive.”

Founder and Creative director Bernie Fabing simply added “Vannie Kaap is a social-cultural brand, die culture issie vrek ie, soe vi wat moet ôs. The teal flag is still rising.”