Update: Cooper Found His “Happily Ever After”

Cooper the dog is doing very well, on Thursday he found his forever home with Sune, his new owner.

Over two weeks ago Cooper’s ears were cut off with a pair of scissors by two teenagers because they wanted a vicious-looking dog.

On Thursday, the Animal Welfare Society of SA said in a Facebook post, “Our switchboard almost imploded following our initial expose about what this remarkable dog was forced to endure and by the end of day one we had a long list of pet lovers pledging to contribute towards his medical bill and wanting to take him home.”

“There is no denying that Cooper is a definite contender for Canine Hero of the Year – but let’s not forget those that saved his life – our amazing Hospital Team and Inspectorate Division that has made it their business to ensure that this heinous act of cruelty does not go unpunished.”

The Animal Welfare Society of SA wrote on Facebook, “Home Sweet Home – Go well Cooper. Cooper and Sune are a match made in heaven.”

To top it off, Cooper’s adoption date, 20 February is also National Love Your Pet Day!

We wish Cooper and Sune many happy years together!

Cooper is happy and healthy
Picture: Supplied