Universities Start Transitioning to Online Learning

Source: Pixabay

Many South African universities started transitioning to online/distance learning on Monday.

Universities have been forced to adapt their curriculum following the announcement of the nationwide lockdown.

In preparation, surveys were conducted to assess whether students had access to devices and connectivity to start online/distance learning. Based on the results, universities have been able to identify students with little to no resources such as internet and laptops.

Most universities have committed to providing assistance to these students. Furthermore, universities have partnered with selected network providers to make student portals and academic databases zero-rated. Meaning once students access the university portals, there will be no further data charges while they take online tests, download material or upload assignments.

Printed course material or loaded USB flash drives have also been made available for students with more particular challenges in terms of e-learning.

During this orientation week, universities will be able to highlight problem areas in order to make the necessary improvements.