Two Trucks Looted on Robert Sobukwe Drive


According to reports two foodchain truck drivers have been injured after their trucks were stoned by looters who barricaded Robert Sobukwe Drive in Cape Town on Monday.

One of the drivers had been taken to a medical facility and the other was reportedly treated on the scene.

Reports state that protestors had allegedly barricaded Robert Sobukwe Drive where they reportedly threw stones at the two trucks.

Western Cape police spokesperson, Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana, reportedly said, “According to information, the drivers, aged 32 and 46, sustained injuries as the trucks were pelted with stones. One was transported to a medical facility, while the other was treated on the scene.”

“A group of people helped themselves to the contents inside the trucks,”

After following up on information, police were able to arrest four people for public violence, these include a woman, aged 27, and a man, aged 28.

Two more people, allegedly aged 24 and 30, were also arrested in Netreg in Cape Town for being “in possession of presumed stolen property”, Rwexana said.

The City of Cape Town closed Robert Sobukwe Drive for a period of time after the incident took place. 


  1. The poor are hungry and there are no jobs. They will go to any length to feed their families ….It’s wrong however better than watch kids, etc. starve to death….

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