Two Teenagers Arrested for Hijacking an e-Hailing Vehicle

According to a statement posted by the South African Police Services, two teenaged suspects were arrested on Monday evening for hijacking an e-Hailing vehicle during the day in Nyanga.

The statement reads; a customer requested an e-Hailing vehicle from Claremont to Nyanga. The driver arrived in a Ford Figo. The two suspects climbed into the car while the driver was interacting with the customer.

“One of the suspects grabbed the keys and choked the driver while the other robbed him of his personal belongings which included a cellular telephone, watch, wallet with an undisclosed amount of cash, driver’s license and bank cards.”

The driver was eventually thrown out of the vehicle and the suspects drove off. A hijacking case was opened for investigation.

Police members spotted the Ford Figo later that night in Siyanyanzela Informal Settlement with four people in it. Two of them, both aged 17, were arrested and the other two managed to escape but are wanted.

The two suspects appeared in the Athlone Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday for possession of a hijacked vehicle.