Two elderly women raped, one escapes with her life


CAPE TOWN – Police are investigating two cases of rape and one of murder, following the rape of two elderly women in Tsomo, Eastern Cape.

The rape of the two women took place in Sigubudwini Administrative Area on Sunday. The women are aged 75 and 91.

Police reports state that both women were sleeping when two suspects broke into their home and robbed them of money, before proceeding to sexually assaulting them.

During the incident, one of the victims managed to escape to a neighbour’s home, whilst leaving the other inside the house where the incident took place. Police were called to the scene of the crime, and upon arrival, they found the 91-year-old outside the house already deceased.

Arrests are yet to be made.

“We shall hunt and find them. It is better that they condition themselves to bid their families goodbye, as the prison is waiting for them.” Lieutenant General Ntshinga remarked.

Anyone with information that can lead to the arrest of those responsible for the gruesome murder and rapes, is requested to make contact with Captain Pikashe on 0727319892 at Tsomo Police Station or call the crime stop number 086 00 10 111.