Two Crew Members From Japanese Oil Ship Arrested By Mauritian Police

Source: Twitter @UNCTAD

On Wednesday Nagashiki Shipping, owners of the Japanese ship that spilt 1 000 tonnes of oil after hitting a coral reef in Mauritius, announced that the ship’s captain and chief officer were arrested by Mauritian authorities for jeopardising safe navigation. 

According to reports, the two crew members were charged under the piracy and maritime violence act and are expected to appear in court next week. The other crew members will also be investigated to determine how the ship that was meant to travel from Singapore to Brazil got so close to the island.

An official said that the crew was being questioned about a birthday party held on the ship but did not confirm whether the party happened on the same day of the spill. They further added that the route set five days prior to the crash was wrong and that the crew might have ignored a signal from the navigation system.

Japanese oil spill experts have also been sent to the island to deal with the immediate effects and ensure that the environment is restored in the long-run.

Nagashiki Shipping says that they will continue to support crew members and their families amid legal proceedings.