Toufiek Johnson Is Recovering Well, Says Mother, Shafieka


Shafieka Johnson, the mother of 7-year-old Toufiek Johnson, says he is recovering well. 

Little Toufiek, who was hit by a stray bullet while he was sleeping in his bed on Monday night, is sitting upright and he can finally eat normally. Mrs Johnson says the catheter had been removed on Wednesday and her son can now use the toilet by himself again.

She explained that the bullet went through Toufiek’s thick intestine and got stuck in his kidney. Though the bullet has still not been removed, doctors say it is not causing any damage at the moment. She says Toufiek had already gone through an operation in which the bullet was located and a piece of his thick intestine was removed.

While Toufiek still hasn’t fully recovered, he told his mother on Wednesday that he is feeling better.

Mrs Johnson says they have received an immense amount of help from their community and her son’s school.