Three-Year-Old Boy from Hanover Park Dies Following Pitbull Attack


Three-year-old Luqmaan Jardien, a hearing impaired boy, has died following an attack by a pitbull while at home in Hanover Park on Monday morning.

According to IOL, Luqmaan’s uncle, Dawood Stuart, tried to get his nephew away from the dog, but when he tried to pick Luqmaan up to go into the house, the dog proceeded to attack the boy again. The uncle then allegedly used the door to suffocate the dog, as the dog continued to attack them while trying to enter their home.

The dog reportedly belongs to Luqmaan’s neighbours and the boy would often play with the dog, which has led to confusion as to why the dog would attack him. It is speculated that the dog was provoked somehow.

Luqmaan was taken to the Heideveld Day Hospital where he later died.

Police have reportedly opened an inquest into Luqmaan’s death.


  1. It is sad. But let me fix the term “mute”, please…

    Deaf-Mute – Another offensive term from the 18th-19th century, “mute” also means silent and without a voice. This label is technically inaccurate since deaf and hard of hearing people generally have functioning vocal cords. The challenge lies with the fact that to successfully modulate your voice, you generally need to be able to hear your own voice. Again, because deaf and hard of hearing people use various methods of communication other than or in addition to using their voices, they are not truly mute. True communication occurs when one’s message is understood by others, and they can respond in kind.

    • Thank you for this Dirkie, we will take note to rectify it immediately and take better care in future articles and other communication.

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