Picture: Facebook, @DistrictSixMuseum

Management at Cape Town’s iconic District Six Museum says they may be forced to close its doors after 25 years due to the impact the national lockdown had on their business.

They are now asking members of the public to financially assist to keep the museum running.

In an emailed statement they said, “While we may have gone to lockdown level 2, we do not foresee increasing visitor numbers in the next six months. We went from hosting over 69 000 self-guided visits and over 7 500 guided visits to zero visitors to the Museum since the announcement of the lockdown in March. We understood the need to do this and recognised the part we had to play in protecting communities, our friends and family.”

While the museum will soon open its doors to the public in accordance with Level 2 regulations, concerns about the sustainability of the organisation remain.

The announcement further read, “When District Sixers were handed their eviction notices, in true District Six fashion they renamed these notices ‘Love Letters’. This was a cynical comment on the casual indifference handed down by the Apartheid state, who saw only a ‘black spot’ that had to be removed, and not the deep ties that bound a community together.”

“We are now asking you to send us a Love Letter, but this time, with real love and care!”

Members of the public can contribute to keeping the museum open in the following ways:

  • A monthly donation of R50. This is the value of an entrance fee.
  • A once-off donation of R110. This is the value of a guided visit or,
  • Larger once-off donations

Love Letter donations can be made via EFT:

Standard Bank
Account no: 070 293 686
Branch code: 020 909
Swift code: SBZ AZA JJ

Pro tip: EFT the guided tour amount and visit the museum as soon as it opens, that way you have contributed R160 to keep the museum’s doors open.