The DA “created” the water crisis, says MP

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Cape Town – The Democratic Alliance (DA) has been accused of creating Cape Town’s water crisis by National Freedom Party (NFP) MP Ahmed Shaik Emam.
On Thursday, Members of Parliament were debating the drought and the handling of the water crisis in the National Assembly. Shaik Emam, who introduced the debate, attacked the DA by claiming they manipulated tender processes so that they could award a R6 billion contract to the Israeli government.
“This day zero that the DA keeps talking about – day zero, day zero. Now it is DA zero,” said Shaik Emam.
This comes after the City of Cape Town announced that Day Zero was being moved to 2019 on condition that Capetonians continued to save water.
“They (DA) wanted to create a crisis so that they can give that tender and they can take it away and get that money they need for the 2019 elections,” said Shaik Emam, who also explained that the City had enough water for its residents.
He further prompted the DA to talk about the license to SABmiller and to reveal their plans with Coca-Cola, who apparently take 500 million litres of water.
After facing a devastating drought, Cape Town was expecting Day Zero to hit in early April but was moved back as residents managed to lower their water consumption.
Shaik Emam suggested that National Government intervene in the City’s provincial government, which he described as “corrupt”.

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“National government needs to intervene into this corrupt Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape, corporate governance needs to intervene, MEC needs to intervene and dissolve this infighting between Patricia de Lille,” said Shaik Emam.
He added that the water in the country belongs to all the people, not just a select few. “If that corrupt leader, Helen Zille, believes there’s a spring in her property, it does not belong to her. Like they have stolen the land, they have stolen the water, so all the water belongs to its people.”
Recently, there has been a lot of criticism around the handling of the water crisis, with political parties taking aim at each other and continuously shifting the blame over the disaster.

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