The City of Cape Town Tables R3 Billion Social Package

Source: Twitter @CityofCT

Cape Town Executive Mayor, Dan Plato, announced that the City of Cape Town has tabled an R3 billion social package as part of their 2020/2021 budget to support the needy, those with disabilities and senior citizens.

Plato announced in his speech, “If your property value is below R300 000, or household income is below R4500, you will get no less than a 100% property and refuse rebate, 10.5 kilolitres of free water, 7.35 kilolitres of sanitation, and 60-kilowatt hours of free electricity if your consumption is kept low,”

Furthermore, the City is also increasing the disadvantaged threshold to an income of R7000pm to help households where people might have been retrenched during the Covid19 pandemic. Interest-free payment options will also be made available for people whose rates are in arrears.

Mayor Plato says that the City has committed to allocating resources to where it is most needed and where it will have a big impact so that progress is possible for all.