Tensions Arise in Hangberg After Homes Are Broken Down By Authorities

Source: Twitter @RiotAndAttackSA

On Thursday tensions rose between residents of Hangberg, Hout Bay, the SAPS and Municipal Law Enforcement as authorities proceeded to break down some of the informal structures in the area.

The SAPS operation was allegedly a response to complaints raised about the increase in informal structures being built in the area. The operation is apparently not an eviction and was scheduled to be carried out last week.

Ward Councillor Rob Quintas said in a statement, “Hangberg has an area set aside for informal development called the Hangberg Institute Development Area, or HIDA. The incomplete and unoccupied structures being demolished today fall outside of this area, and affect residents of Hangberg and their services.”

Hangberg residents allegedly protested against the operation by burning tyres, to which the police reportedly responded with stun grenades and tear gas.

The City of Cape Town has provided no further comment on the situation.


  1. I find it rather strange that Law Enforcement would do that in the midst of a hectic storm, while I have been struggling to remove vagrants who are causing all kinds of costly damages to my property for the past 4 months, blaming their lack of response of the regulations of Covid-19……does not make sense

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