Tensions Run High in Delft as Community Resort to Arson during Alleged Protest Action in the Area

Picture: Wayne Dyson, spokesperson - Cape Town law enforcement

On Friday morning three buses were torched near Delft in Cape Town, during what was reported to be protest action in the area.  

Two buses were destroyed and a third was severely damaged. There were no injuries reported.

City of Cape Town Traffic services says protest action had also taken place on the N2 at the R300 off-ramp. Community members used burning tyres to block this section of the road.

Golden Arrow Bus Services spokesperson Bronwen Dyke-Beyer said that there had been six bus torchings in Cape Town this year.

“Our passengers have been safely transferred. We condemn this in the strongest terms possible and once again plead with SAPS and the authorities to assist us so that we can get people to work safely. These costs add up very quickly and will ultimately be passed on to our customers. This simply cannot be allowed to continue.”

The arson attacks happened just a day after firefighters were attacked while responding to an emergency in Delft south, a crew from Belhar was called out to a truck which was set alight on Thursday evening. They were met with a police escort at Hindle Road, but as they approached the scene, a brick was catapulted at the windscreen of their firetruck.

The City of Cape Town’s JP Smith said that the team called for additional protection so they could safely flee the volatile area.

“The crew was extremely shaken and after meeting with the fire service’s captain a decision was made to send them home, which left the Belhar fire station non-operational for the rest of the night. This type of thuggish behaviour is becoming an all too regular occurrence and has the potentially devastating consequences for law-abiding citizens requiring emergency services.”