Telkom and the SABC introduce new streaming service


On Monday, Telkom and the SABC announced that they would be introducing a new streaming service, namely TelkomOne, costing only R49 per month.

Business Insider South Africa notes that the streaming service would cost half the price of Netflix’s cheapest South African package (R99) and the same price as Showmax’s cheapest option.

TelkomOne aims to focus on local content – such as TV shows, movies and music – and offers both a free-to-view option (which promotes the SABC stations) and a premium package (known as AMP).

The app wants all kinds of entertainment, including comedy videos, cooking, travel, exercise and edutainment shows.

Telkom shared that “[T]he deciding factor will be the content producer’s ability to provide good escapism to viewers looking to be inspired and entertained.”


With this option, viewers will have access to SABC channels 1 and 2, tune in to over 20 SABC radio stations as well as access to some of the broadcaster’s archives.

AMP packages

This option bundles Telkom data for streaming with access to the video to stream, says Business Insider South Africa. It not only offers an “extended list of channels” but it allows viewers to catch up too. The new streaming service also has a video-on-demand option, not to mention a NextPVR (NPVR) interface.

Below are the following payment options for AMP:

R7 a day with 90MB data

R17 for the weekend with 360MB of data

R19 for the week with 720MB of data

R49 per month with 1800MB of data

Business Insider SA also revealed that in October, Telkom launched a search for “mobivelas”: like the classic telenovelas with melodramatic storylines, but for mobile phones and a permanent cast.