Streaming services must now have 30% local content, says Government


According to BusinessTech, the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies stated to parliament on Wednesday their plans to apply local content quotas on streaming services.

The plan – which is open for public comment – is held in the department’s white paper on Audio and Audio-visual Content Services policy framework, says the publication.

The department’s chief director of broadcasting policy Collin Mashile said, “Where video-on-demand subscription services come and operate in South Africa, everything that they show to South Africans in terms of their catalogue – 30% of that catalogue must be South African content.”

Masihle pointed out that by doing so, they are creating more opportunities for the production and creative industry sector.

Streaming services such as Netflix have made under a third of their content local, reports the publication.

“We were asked where we got the idea that South Africans are interested in this 30%,” said Masihle. “The most popular shows in every country remain the local shows.”