Suspected Poisoning on Wetton Road

Reportedly, at least six people are in a serious to critical condition, after they were poisoned on Wetton Road, Ottery, on Monday.

According to ER24, they arrived at the scene along with Life Healthcare and Western Cape Metro Services. Upon arrival, they found six people who had collapsed on the side of the road. ER24 spokesperson, Russel Meiring, told TimesLIVE that “It is believed to have been some sort of poisoning incident. All those affected had ingested some sort of substance which is not yet known.”

It is also reported that City law enforcement officers who patrolled the area were informed of three males and one female who had collapsed at a bus stop. Law Enforcement Spokesperson, Wayne Dyason, claims that one of the victims had been experiencing convulsions and was treated by paramedics. While victims were being treated, he says that two more people had been reported laying in nearby Walnut Road and on the corner of St.Joseph’s and Wetton Roads.

All of the victims were transported to nearby hospitals after being treated by paramedics and being “provided with several advanced life support interventions”, Meiring said.

Sulailah Murphy, a business owner on Wetton Road, told IOL that a car had been handing out food and drinks prior to the incident. It is believed that the victims may have consumed the food, causing them to collapse.

Local authorities were on the scene for further investigations but the details surrounding the incident remain unclear. No arrests have been made and no fatalities have been reported.