Suspect Arrested for Rape and Robbery of 19-year-old Woman


Members of the Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit in Kimberley arrested a 21-year-old male suspect in connection with the rape and robbery of a 19-year-old woman on Wednesday. 

The victim was standing on a hiking spot along the N8 road, crossing of Airport and Greenpoint on Wednesday at about 12:00. The suspect threatened to shoot the victim and forced her to the nearby bushes where she was allegedly robbed of her cellphone and raped.

The victim screamed for help when she saw people on horseback. They tried to give chase and the suspect ran away.

Police followed up on information and the suspect was arrested at Greenpoint at about 20:30 on Thursday, 25 June.

The Provincial Head of Family Violence Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit, Brig Nicky Mills, has applauded members who went beyond the call of duty while on vacation and arrested the suspect. The robbed cell phone was also recovered from the suspect.

The suspect is expected to appear before the Kimberley Magistrates court soon.