Suspect Arrested for Possession of Illegal Explosives


According to a SAPS report, their Macassar unit along with the Metro Police K9 Unit members received a tip-off that led to the arrest of a 42-year-old suspect on Friday, 6 March, for the possession of illegal explosives.

The tip-off alleged that illegal firearms and possible hand grenades were being stored at a residence in Nomsa Mpongwana Street, Macassar Village, Macassar.

A search warrant was obtained and the Metro Police Explosive K9 positively indicated the location of the alleged explosives and the SAPS Bomb Disposal Unit were called onto the scene.

On arrival, two flares and an old rusty hand grenade were found, both were unstable and could not be transported. The hand grenade was immediately disposed of by the SAPS Bomb Disposal Unit members.

A 42-year-old male was reportedly arrested and detained. He is due to appear in the Strand Magistrates Court on Monday, 9 March on the mentioned charges.