Stray Bullet Hits Michelle Louwskieter Just Days Before 21st Birthday

Picture: Supplied

A young woman from Manenberg, Michelle Louwskieter, was shot in the shoulder on Monday, just days before her 21st birthday.

Michelle lives with her Grandmother, Sybil, in Madge court, Manenberg, they were home when the shooting started. Sybil told reporters that Michelle went into another room to get the younger kids away from the window, that’s when a stray bullet hit her in the shoulder. She came running outside screaming in fear and panic.

Sophia Kapel is a victim supporter at the Manenberg SAPS, she reaches out to families in need specifically in ward 42 and the Louwskieter family. Sophia says, she was very emotional when she heard Michelle was shot on Monday morning.

“Michelle was looking forward to her birthday and now she needs to celebrate her birthday in the hospital.”

A family source says Michelle is recovering well, she is stable, however, she cannot move and cannot lift her arm yet.