‘Stage 8 loadshedding not expected, but is planned for’, Eskom

Picture: Unsplash.com

An article which claims that Eskom has informed municipalities that stage 8 loadshedding is imminent, is erroneous and incorrect, the power utility has stated.

Eskom has released a statement to inform the public that having contingency plans for Severe Supply Constraint is a requirement for the power utility.

“Eskom also continually improves these plans. After 2015, Eskom and the municipalities identified the need to extend the planning in place related to the number of stages of load shedding and the national code was subsequently updated after significant engagement with stakeholders in 2016/17,” the statement reads.

According to the statement, the plan caters for 8 stages of load shedding.

“Each stage provides for a reduction in load of approximately 5% which equates to roughly 1000MW at peak. Stage 8 equates to approximately an 8000 MW deficit. The likelihood of reaching Stage 8 is low,” the statement continued.

Eskom said its planning is in close cooperation with municipal suppliers, and includes preparedness reviews and simulation exercises “as is standard practice for other incidents such as a nuclear incident or a national blackout.”