Sports Minister to Meet with Individual Federations to Address Transformation

Source: Facebook @GovernmentZA

Minister Nathi Mthethwa will be meeting individual federations to present their reports on transformation.

The Department of Sports and Recreation (DSR) made the announcement on Wednesday after the Minister studied the 2018/2019 Eminent Persons Group (EPG) report published this year. 

The DSR said, “Swimming and hockey failed, as they did not meet their self-set barometer targets. They now have an obligation of making a representation as to why the Minister should not impose one or more of the enforcement measures, as alluded to above. Cricket was given conditional approval because, among other reasons, they fared poorly on African representation. However, they achieved 70% of their self-set barometer targets, which is higher than the 50% required to avoid penalty imposition,”.

The Minister says that federations who do not meet 50% of their self-set targets could face the following penalties:

  • The suspension or withdrawal of government funding.
  • The authority to bid or stage international tournaments locally may be revoked.
  • The withdrawal of the right to award national colours.
  • The withdrawal of the recognition of a national federation, in terms of the National Sport and Recreation Act, 1998 (Act No 110 of 1998, as amended).

The Select Committee on Education, Technology, Sports, Arts and Culture has also urged South African Rugby and Cricket South Africa to address racism within their sports.

Speaking on the current transformation issues in SA Sport, Committee Chairperson Elleck Nchabeleng said, “The stories told by black professional athletes is concerning and could lead many to conclude that nothing has been achieved. This is the time to show leadership and not bury our heads in the sand,”.

Nchabeleng said it was embarrassing that black athletes all have an individual story to tell and that an exclusionary environment was created by white athletes by means of the use of Afrikaans or social mannerisms.

“We can’t act as if we’ve never seen anything. Boardroom presentations on quotas and transformation targets need to be complemented by a fundamental shift of attitude among people we regard as representatives of our country,” the chairperson added.

Federations for swimming, hockey and cricket will be expected to present reasons why the Minister should not enforce any of the penalties for not meeting their targets.