SPCA Requests That Adoption Re-Opens Under Level 4

Source: Pixabay

The National Council of SPCA (NSPCA) says it has put in a request to the COVID Nerve Centre Committee to allow for animal adoption services to re-open under Level 4.

In the statement released, the NSPCA says that while sterilisations by veterinarians are allowed, there is no clarity on whether adoptions are allowed to continue.

The NSPCA is concerned that while non-essential travel is not allowed, rehoming animals may not take place. The SPCA’s adoption process includes travel to meet the animal, fetch the animal after it is sterilised and visits to the SPCA regularly for check-ups. They have appealed to all animal welfare organisations that adoptions are done carefully and in accordance with the law.

The NSPCA says that it is yet to receive a response from the Committee and will continue to address the matter.